Joint Detection Kit for Antigen and Antibody of Hepatitis C Virus


It was approved to be listed in August 2019, as an exclusive domestic product, and was listed in the national "Eleven Five-Year Plan" 863 project (National Science and Technology Development Word [2006] 501). The ELISA principle of double antibody sandwich method and double antigen sandwich method was used in this kit. The recombinant chimeric antigen of HCV and monoclonal antibody of HCV core antigen were pre-coated on the enzyme-labeled strip, and other reagents such as biotin-labeled antigen, horseradish peroxidase-labeled antibody, horseradish peroxidase-labeled streptavidin and TMB chromogenic reagent were used to detect HCV core antigen and hepatitis C virus antibody in human serum or plasma. It really achieves the whole course coverage of the diagnosis of hepatitis C.

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